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Thinking About Separating or Divorce?

Do you share these concerns?

Divorce costs will spiral out of control

Your children will be put in the middle of the conflict

Your divorce will drag on for a long time

Decisions that affect you will be made by someone else

Your family’s problems will be aired in public

These risks do not have to become reality.

Think about Collaborative Family Law

What is Collaborative Family Law?

The Collaborative process uses informal, private discussions and conferences to settle family issues. The process focuses on settlement, without the threat of going to court. Both you and your spouse use lawyers trained in the Collaborative Law process.

How do I find a divorce lawyer trained in Collaborative Law?

You are in the right spot. This site will not only help explain why you should consider Collaborative Law for your divorce, but our member list will help you locate a lawyer that is trained in the Collaborative Law process. Our group of lawyers offer representation in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem and the rest of the Triad in North Carolina.